Arm pressotherapy cuff Phlebo Press® Mego Afek

Arm pressotherapy cuff Phlebo Press® Mego Afek
Phlebo Press®

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The Phlebo Press® Arm Sleeve is a multiple air-cell garment it is designed to treat arms and hands. The unit works in tandem with the Mego Afek Devices and Phlebo Press® 701. The belt of the Phlebo Press® should be attached across the chest and secure it under the arm that is not being treated. Tighten belt this will prevent sleeve from slipping down. If the sleeve is not large enough add the Parallel Expander® this will adjust the size to your needs. Before using here are several key factors to remember. Arms should be supported and straight use while sitting. Long sleeve cotton shirt should be worn, additional instructions for operating the Phlebo Press® Arm Sleeve, air hose should be connected. The main zipper should be closed halfway and pull the Phlebo Press ® Arm sleeve over the arm. Close the zipper this closes the sleeve.
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