LED light source / endoscope / cold CLL150 CellSonic Medical

LED light source / endoscope / cold CLL150 CellSonic Medical

CLL150 Light sources are accelerators that produce very intense beams of X-rays, ultra-violet and infrared light, making different research possible in physics, biology and technology fields which are not possible with more conventional equipment. The CLL150 LED Light Source is a direct replacement to the conventional 300W Xenon Light Source. Features -Modern light source provides perfect illumination for all endoscopic specialties. -Instinctive operation makes CLL150 Light Source easy-to-use. -High-performance digital control allows smooth, exact illumination control over the entire range. -Advanced LED Lamp technology and optics provide bright, balanced illumination based on physicians and surgeons demand. -Excellent engineering, efficient design and outstanding performance - the qualities from the leader in endoscopic imaging.
  • Light source: : LED
  • Application: : endoscope
  • Characteristics of light: : cold
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