LED curing light / dental / cordless Paradigm™ 3M ESPE

LED curing light / dental / cordless Paradigm™ 3M ESPE

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The Paradigm™ LED Curing Light comes from a trusted company and offers quick, reliable, and highly efficient curing for a reasonable price. It includes a curing light handpiece, a 10 mm light guide, an eye shield, and 3 curing discs. Its benefits include high intensity for a quick and complete cure. The 10 mm light guide permits one-shot curing. It also has special optics that keep light intensity uniform. It is easy to operate and has a single cure mode for all indications. Furthermore, its light timer has several settings and has a push-button control. Preset cure times are 5, 10, 15, and 20 seconds. It also has a continuous 120-second mode as well as tack-cure mode that makes curing predictable. The curing light has a V-shape design for easy and comfortable grip depending on your technique. It offers cordless portability. A full charge battery features 60 cure minutes. It also operates silently as it is fan-free. It is lightweight and has a vent-free plastic housing that is easy to disinfect.
  • Characteristics:cordless
  • Light source:LED
  • Applications:dental
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St. Paul
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United States
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