Laboratory water bath J-PWB1, J-PWB2 Jisico

Laboratory water bath J-PWB1, J-PWB2 Jisico

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The Precision water bath is a product of Jisico Lab & Scientific Instruments. Two models are available in the market, J-PWB1, J-PWB2 that are made of stainless steel plate inside and outside. Both models have PID auto controller that maintains temperature for a long period of time. It also have digital readout display for pre set temperature and current operating temperature. The machines have soft touch keypads to set the temperature and timer easily. The overall size (W x D x H) of J-PWB1 model is 530×360×250/340mm and the inner bath size is 350×300×150mm and for J-PWB2, the overall size is 650×430×370/460mm and the inner bath is 450×350×250mm. The capacity of J-PWB1 is 15.7 Litre and 39 Litre for J-PWB2.
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South Korea
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