CO2 laboratory incubator / UV J-IRW300, J-IRA200 Jisico

CO2 laboratory incubator / UV J-IRW300, J-IRA200 Jisico
J-IRW300, J-IRA200

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The Jisico CO?incubator is able to offer dependability and a high level of performance, thanks to its cutting edge technologies. It’s available for research and lab work, as it adopts invitro models of invivo environments. A non-dispersive infrared CO? gas sensor (NDIR) helps to realize precise CO?gas regulation when installed. The incubators are intended for cell and tissue applications. They allow elements to work together in order to create an ideal, thriving environment for cells. A UV lamp and CO?gas filter are installed in the supply system to provide perfect control for chamber contamination. Thanks to a high-limit safety switch, overheating is prevented. Additional features include a PID temperature controller and a high alarm function that operates when the CO? content and temperature deviate from normal value.
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