Laboratory stereo microscope / inspection / digital / binocular Luxeo 4D Labomed

Laboratory stereo microscope / inspection / digital / binocular Luxeo 4D Labomed
Luxeo 4D

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The Luxeo 4D is designed to offer high performance engineering. It demonstrates Labomed’s focus on delivering excellent value. With a bright white light emitting diode illumination system, single-cast aluminum construction, and impressive optics, the Luxeo 4D meets virtually every requirement set by educational institutions and some inspection industries. It also meets standards as far as documentation is concerned. One of its impressive features is the integrated 5 megapixel camera that offers high-definition. The A +/- 30-degree angle ringlight allows users to reduce glare from reflective topographies. This results in amazing LED oblique illumination, the intensity of which can be adjusted with a control dial. Thanks to the HDMI technology live video feed offered by the camera can be displayed on a high-definition HDTV or monitor with 1080p support. Additional features include USB 2.0 ports, PixelPro capture analysis software, hi-precision PLAN optics, and an onboard secure digital card slot.
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