Laboratory microscope / optical / binocular Lx 500 Labomed

Laboratory microscope / optical / binocular Lx 500 Labomed
Lx 500

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The LABOMED Lx 500 microscope was designed and developed with both affordability and reliability of operation in mind. While the standard configuration is feature rich, the versatility of this microscopy system can be enhanced even more given the host of readily available accessories. The infinity-corrected Super Plan optics ensures a flat field of vision under all magnifications. Both the contrast and the color reproduction provided by the Lx 500 are superb. One of the particularly useful features of the Lx 500 is its ergonomically-designed head which can be moved through a zero to 25 degree arc. This articulates the viewing angle to the extent that the Lx 500 is an ideal choice for use in laboratory in which a number of individuals will be using it. True Kohler illumination together with the flip-up condenser provides superb contrast regardless of the magnification.
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