Laboratory shaker / vortex / compact 0 - 2500 rpm | VORTEX 3 IKA

Laboratory shaker / vortex / compact 0 - 2500 rpm | VORTEX 3 IKA
0 - 2500 rpm | VORTEX 3

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The advanced vortex shaker is designed for small time process such as the touch function which can be initialized by pushing continuous operation or shaker attachment. The device has a broad range of speed with various adjustments. Due to the three interchangeable attachments and seven inserts which include microtiter plates, Eppendorf tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks 250 ml and such like, various applications can be provided by the product. The user should order separately. Every position of appliance can be clicked safely by attachments. The effortless handling of Erlenmeyer or round flask is provided by the exclusive VG 3.36 straps. It contains strong casing of metal zinc die cast. With a small design, the device remains balanced even at the high speed due to specific feet consist of silicon base with higher vibration damping. Self-ventilation of motor makes the device to be used continuously with less self heating.
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