Laboratory bioreactor LR 1000 basic Package IKA

Laboratory bioreactor LR 1000 basic Package IKA
LR 1000 basic Package

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IKA presents LR 1000. It is a modular and expandable laboratory reactor made for chemical reaction procedures, which allows the user to stir, heat, cool and control the temperature inside the reactor vessel. The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries benefit from the work done by the device. Underneath the vessel the temperature of heating source is controlled effectively and consequently to achieve the set medium temperature. The medium temperature can be very high, say about 120 Degree Celsius. The device comes with a vaccuum valve, LR 1000.61 made for the lid and a PT 100.5 temperature sensor. There is a digital display to monitor temperature and speed and it can be accessorized with digital ULTRA-TURRAX t25 and stirrer PTFE to deliver better performance. The safety circuit can be adjusted manually. The device automatically and safely shuts down once the lid or vessel is removed from the reactor. It has many more user friendly features.

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