Laboratory shaker / bench-top / water-bath 5 °C ... 99.9 °C, 30 L | ST 30 Nüve

Laboratory shaker / bench-top / water-bath 5 °C ... 99.9 °C, 30 L | ST 30 Nüve
5 °C ... 99.9 °C, 30 L | ST 30

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For repetitive and reproducible shaking, the ST 30 offers precisely controlled conditions. Microprocessor control permits homogeneous, stable temperatures throughout the bath. lt is designed for shaking a variety of tubes and containers. High visibility displays and indicators ensure that the conditions can be read from across the laboratory. Typical uses include tissue culture, bacterial incubation, enzyme reactions and fermentation Tank volume: 30 liters Temperature range: Ambient temperature +5°C / 99.9°C Shaking speed between 20 - 250 rpm Programmable microprocessor control system for shaking speed and temperature and time LED display for shaking speed, temperature and time Excellent temperature control of liquid for uniform and stable temperatures Seamless and stainless steel tank Heater replaced outside of the tank Triple insulation for homogeneous and stable temperature User friendly control panel Possibility to use different type of tubes, flaks or erlenmeyers with the wide range of accessories

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