Laboratory incubator shaker 20 - 35 °C, 187 - 340 L | PN series Nüve

Laboratory incubator shaker 20 - 35 °C, 187 - 340 L | PN series Nüve
20 - 35 °C, 187 - 340 L | PN series

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Designed to accept the PS 54 Platelet Agitator, the PS 150 and PS 300 Platelet Incubators have been built to provide long service to blood banks. Their rugged construction in stainless steel is combined with high density polyurethane insulation for platelet protection. Efficient cooling and fast temperature recovery after door opening optimize this protection. Multiple alarms include high and low temperature, power failure, temperature sensor failure and open door, with central alarm and optional NüveWarn™ remote ports. The actual temperature is still displayed even at power failure. A battery operated chart recorder provides independent evidence of storage conditions. The optional AlerText™ will send a text message to any mobile phone and NüveBank™ interface and software offer full temperature monitoring. Observation of the platelet bags is enhanced by a triple glass window with anti-fogging inner glass, while the outer panel prevents degradation of the platelets by UV rays. Lockable door and controls ensure that only authorized personnel can add or remove bags and change settings.

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