Laboratory screen cleaner Elmasonic S 50 R Elma Hans Schmidbauer

Laboratory screen cleaner Elmasonic S 50 R Elma Hans Schmidbauer
Elmasonic S 50 R

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laboratory sieve cleaning Sieve analysis is a standard process in the analytical, the food and the environmental laboratory and works perfectly if the sieves are cleaned to the last grain. Elma has a special unit on offer, both for the intensive cleaning of individual sieves and for the simultaneous processing of up to 4 sieves. Special ultrasonic modes provide perfect cleaning results independent of the filling level. Sieve cleaning and HPLC solvent degassing in one unit. For sieve cleaning, the sieve is placed in the sieve holder and then put into the unit. The special "sieve cleaning" programme uses two ultrasonic modes alternatingly which creates strong active cleaning pulses regardless of the filling level. The process can be standardized and repeated as required which makes it ideal for defined laboratory applications. For the use in a food laboratory it may be required to apply a cleaning medium which can be rinsed off without residues. For this purpose elma lab clean N10 is reliable and well proven (no dangerousgood). HPLC solvent degassing Degassing in the Elmasonic S 50 R is very efficient and noisereduced. The Degas mode alternates between maximum power and a special operating mode which moves the macroscopic bubbles up and out of the liquid in a lift-out effect. The unit has an integrated laboratory stand connection to avoid the unpleasant noisy rattling of the glass on the tank floor.
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