Medical ultrasonic bath Elmasonic X-tra basic series Elma Hans Schmidbauer

Medical ultrasonic bath Elmasonic X-tra basic series Elma Hans Schmidbauer
Elmasonic X-tra basic series

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Powerful floor-mounted ultrasonic units multifrequency at 25 and 45 kHz in one unit, for the removal of coarse contaminations and for the cleaning of surface coatings operation: ergonomical, easy, clearly arranged operating elements, splashproof Sweep: even distribution of power throughout the cleaning bath Pulse: power increase for difficult cleaning tasks The stainless-steel casing and the strong transducer tank have been designed for permanent operation. We grant a warranty period of 3 years on our extremely resistant special stainless steel, provided the units are used in accordance with the operation instructions and provided that they are operated in one-shift cycles only. Multiple features make operating the units easy and efficient. All units are mounted on rollers and can therefore be moved to any required workarea without effort. The control panel, ergonomically arranged at the top front, allows control and monitoring of all necessary parameters, such as time and heating presettings or ultrasonic frequency, Sweep and Pulse. In particular the Pulse mode for an increased ultrasonic power in case of tenacious and difficult contaminations allows the easy and universal use of the Elmasonic X-tra basic units for all kinds of cleaning tasks. Sweep for an even sound field distribution is permanently operated.
  • Applications:medical
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