Laboratory reactor FlowSyn Asynt

Laboratory reactor FlowSyn Asynt

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FlowSyn is a fully integrated, easy to use continuous flow reactor for seamless reaction optimisation and scale up from mgs to 100s of g. FlowSyn has been designed by a team of experienced flow chemists and engineers. This modular system can be easily upgraded as the chemists knowledge and needs grow and works as the chemist wants it to, not as an engineer would. Asynt currently has TWO ex-demonstration FlowSyn systems available for sale at a very substantial discount. They are in excellent condition, under warranty, and the only extra you’ll need to begin Flow Chemistry in your lab is a new reactor coil! And we’ll give you one of those for free! Don’t hesitate as these will fly out of here fast… Leasing Options: Through our leasing partner, LDF Finance it is now possible to lease or rent to buy a FlowSyn. There are real advantages to companies in leasing due to the way VAT is handled on the balance sheet. Terms are typically between 2 and 4 years. Longer term rental is also now possible and at the end of the lease or rental period there is the option to buy.
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