Laboratory mixer / revolving 20 rpm | SB2 Stuart Equipment

Laboratory mixer / revolving 20 rpm | SB2 Stuart Equipment
20 rpm | SB2

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The SB rotator is able to provide gentle and effective mixing, perfect for keeping biological samples suspended and for general mixing application. E.g. aerating cultures, blood. The rotators will maintain integrity in incubators up to 60°C and in cold rooms down to 4°C. Angle of rotation can be fully adjusted plus there is a scale that can be used to measure as well as reproduce the angle of mixing, from horizontal used for minimal mixing and vertical for full end –over-end mixing. The integral tray will catch the spillage for rotation. Additional features include choice of tube holders to hold a number of different sized tubes, SB2 comes with fixed 20rpm speed, Rotators, SB2, SB3 and SB3 comes with adjustable speed between 2 and 40rpm.
  • Type of movement:revolving
  • Applications:laboratory