Deionizer laboratory water Aquatron®, AFH Stuart Equipment

Deionizer laboratory water Aquatron®, AFH Stuart Equipment
Aquatron®, AFH

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Conversion to pre-treated feed Eliminates descaling Improves distillate purity Use with any pre-treated water source No loss of treated water The WCK/N is a simple conversion kit available so that the Aquatron® water still can be operated from a pre-treated feed. Suitable sources of pretreatment are almost any model of deioniser or reverse osmosis unit or a piped supply of treated water. The pre-treated water is fed directly to the boiler and cooling water is supplied to the condenser separately. The controls ensure that pre-treated water is supplied to the boiler automatically as required, preventing overflow and costly waste. A safety device is incorporated to protect the still in the event of failure of the pretreated supply. The conversion kit can be fitted easily in a few minutes to any existing Aquatron® model and is highlly recommended when used in conjuntion with the ADH deioiser. Filter, Aquatron®, AFH Quickly and effectively removes particulate matter from the water supply Disposable, easily changed polypropylene filter elements Flow rates up to 25 litres/min Independent operation or links to deioniser unit A simple but effective filter unit ideal for removing particulate matter from your water supply to protect sensitive equipment from damage. Supplied complete with flexible hose for connection to the tap and connection for 9mm I.D. hose on water outlet.
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