Laboratory microscope / polarizing / trinocular MP41 Micro-shot Technology Limited

Laboratory microscope / polarizing / trinocular MP41 Micro-shot Technology Limited

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MP41 is transmitted and reflected polarizing microscope, used extensively in the geology, chemicals, physic and leechdom to scrutinize crystal of liquid macromolecule polymer, biomedical polymer and liquid crystal. MP41 is perfect apparatus for scientific research and universities teaching demo. There is wide field WF10X(|?22mm) and 0.10mm/Div dividing eyepiece. Objective of device include Strain-free plan achromatic objective without cover glass, PL L5X/0.12 with 26.1mm working distance, PL L10X/0.25 with 20.2mm working distance, PL L40X/0.60(spring) with 3.98 mm working distance and PL L60X/0.70(spring) with 3.18mm working distance. Device contains reflected illuminating system which comes from 6V30W halogen. Brightness of this can be adjusted. Polarizer and analyzer can be rotated up to 360° with help of scale and minimum vernier that has an incorporated field and aperture diaphragm. Device has quadruple nose-piece and center of objective can be adjusted. There are transitional attachments as device contains adjustable puller type Bertrand lens and center. It consists of a ?, ?/4 and quarts wedge compensator. 30° inclines trinocular eyepiece shoots in 100% light flux. It offers coaxial coarse with excellent focus and adjustable tension.
  • Observation technique:polarizing
  • Microscope head:trinocular
  • Domain:laboratory

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