Laboratory microscope / digital / binocular KCBE 14 Karl Kaps

Laboratory microscope / digital / binocular KCBE 14 Karl Kaps

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-The great microscope for doctors and laboratories is our top model. Because of its versatility it can be used not only in doctors surgeries, but also by gynaecologists, dermatologists and internists. At the tripod there is a coaxial table-height adjustment with separate knobs for coarse and fine adjustment with a readout-precision of 0.005mm per graduation. Mechanical stage 160x130mm, range of adjustment 76x50mm. The two-lens condenser N.A.1.20 with iris diaphragm and coloured-disk condenser can be centred. Height adjustment is effected with rack and pinion. The 4-fold nosepiece runs in ball bearings. Infinitely variable halogen light 6V/20 Watt with radiant field stop, integrated in the foot.
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