Laboratory homogenizer / sample / tissue TeSeE™ Bio-Rad

Laboratory homogenizer / sample / tissue TeSeE™ Bio-Rad

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TeSeE PRECESS 24 and TeSeE™ PRECESS 48 homogenizers are innovative instruments designed to homogenize various biological samples contained in standard grinding tubes. It can be used not only for TSE or veterinary testing, but also for a wide range of applications such as molecular biology (e.g. nucleic acid extraction), forensics, microbiology, and food testing. Versatile Homogenization of various samples derived from animal tissue (e.g. brain tissue, tonsils, spleen, lymphoid tissues, etc.), microorganisms, cereals, etc. Suitability for all laboratory test volumes Reliable and Saves Time Simultaneous homogenization of up to 24 or 48 samples Efficient solution for cell disruption Easy to Use Simplified three-step procedure: Unload and load grinding tubes easily with the Pressn Block system. Select the homogenization program or define your own settings. Run. Safe and Easy to Clean No cross contamination by using disposable tubes No degradation of the biological material Direct access for cleaning and decontamination
  • Applications:tissue, laboratory
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