Laboratory freezer / cabinet / 1-door -80°C ... -10°C | TS 100 FRYKA-Kältetechnik GmbH

Laboratory freezer / cabinet / 1-door -80°C ... -10°C | TS 100 FRYKA-Kältetechnik GmbH
-80°C ... -10°C | TS 100

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TS Freezer The 100 litre TS freezer is a classic stand-alone unit. Whether in laboratories or commerce, due to the compact, space-saving conceive combined with a reduced disturbance chilling unit, the TS 100 can be exactly utilised in the workplace. Characteristics of the TUS underbench freezer: -TS 80-100: -80°C to -50°C - TS 50-100: -50°C to -10°C -Vacuum insulation: large central space with small external dimensions and reduced power utilisation -All stainless steel casing -Refrigeration unit: reduced disturbance, completely hermetically sealed, air cooled, reduced upkeep -TS 80-100: two-stage cascade refrigeration system -Foamed door with double door seal -Side air vent, so apt for installation exactly on partitions -Command unit with keyboard and integrated, optically isolated, mains-independent alert (visual and audible pointer, displaying the greatest temperature during the disturbance, battery lasting around 72 hours) -Voltage-free alert communicate for connection to an external alert system - 100mV/K-output for connection to a temperature recording system Few Options: -4 fixed rollers, 2 with brakes -Bushing 19mm -Circualtion fan inside (not with TUS 80-100)
  • Number of doors:1-door
  • Applications:laboratory
  • Configuration:cabinet
Ohmstrasse 4,
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