Laboratory autoclave / vertical 110 l | ATV211 FALC

Laboratory autoclave / vertical 110 l | ATV211 FALC
110 l | ATV211

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The ATV 125, ATV 150, ATV 185 and ATV 211 are the ideal solution for each laboratory, as they offer sterilizing opportunities, thanks to the combined action of steam, temperature and pressure. Programming the different models is simple and functional. It is possible to carry out sterilization of solids, of liquids (with gradual cooling or with rapid cooling for unstable thermal materials) and of AGAR, preparing them for succeeding thermostatic heating processes. The machines also provide a timer function which enables the user to set sterilizing cycles during the night and therefore recuperate the sterile instruments the following day. The autoclave's ambient temperature is of 45-60°C with special cycles of 60-100°C. The flexibility of the autoclaves, furthermore, permits to set each single sterilizing parameter before activating a programme. The ATV range is doted with double system sensors for pressure and temperature. The high precision in verifying the temperature, is carried out by a flexible probe to directly introduce to the material to be sterilized, it combines with a constant pressure control thus permitting to keep under control the temperature increase in the heating phase and shortening considerably the cycle time.
  • Configuration:vertical
  • Application domain:laboratory