Laboratory autoclave / vertical 100 L | OT 100V Nüve

Laboratory autoclave / vertical 100 L | OT 100V Nüve
100 L | OT 100V

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The OT 100V heavy duty steam sterilizer has advanced technology for the sterilization of textiles, wrapped or packed materials, glass and liquids. The instrument of choice for operating theatres, laboratories, dentistry, biology, veterinary and agricultural departments of universities, microbiology and quality control laboratories of industries such as food. Operators are freed up by its automatic operation, its maintenance-free vacuum pump and its instant recall 5 pre-set or 6 user-defined programs. Product safety is guaranteed by the pre-sterilization vacuum control to eliminate bubbles and post-sterilization fractionated vacuum control for sample drying. Sterilization is effected according to the EN 285 standard for large sterilizers and the instrument conforms to the Medical Devices and Pressure Equipment Directives. Full documentation of cycles is provided with the Nüve SteamArt™ software and portable data storage is available with the optional NüveStore™ SD card device. A large graphic display shows run parameters, report information, alert messages and enables complete on-board servicing with self-diagnostics.
  • Application domain:laboratory
  • Configuration:vertical

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