IPL system X-Lase Biotec Italia

IPL system X-Lase Biotec Italia

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X-Lase is a multifunctional platform for the effective treatment of unwanted hair, skin blemishes, freckles, ageing skin, unsightly small veins, enlarged pores, acne, rosacea and reddened skin. X-Lase includes a Calibrated Pulsed Light (CPL) system combined with Nd:YAG laser, therefore resulting a very versatile platform. Painless treatments, with very short or no recovery time needed, can be performed. The new CPL MotionSpeed technology is a great breakthrough in patient comfort: the procedure speeds and gives incomparable clinical results. In CPL Speed mode, X-Lase combines a powerful cooling system with calibrated pulsed light which, unlike traditional IPL systems, enables penetrating the heating energy into the target chromophore while preserving the surrounding tissues. Traditional photo-epilation systems require cooling the treated area before and after each flash, but with this new MotionSpeed system the procedure is much faster with virtually constant power flow, with noteworthy improvement in the level of patient comfort, increased speed and effectiveness of the photo-epilation process. The Nd:YAG module guarantees an effective and safe laser treatment for epilation, vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation marks on all skin types.
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