Aesthetic medicine radiofrequency generator CoaxMed Biotec Italia

Aesthetic medicine radiofrequency generator CoaxMed Biotec Italia

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CoaxMed is a multifunctional platform providing effective treatment of wrinkles, facial and body skin laxity, acne and enlarged pores, localised fat and cellulite, both oedematous and fibro-sclerotic, and it is also extremely effective in treatments before and after liposuction. CoaxMed uses 5 different technologies for fast and effective treatment of face and body imperfections: monopolar radiofrequency, bipolar radiofrequency, low frequency cavitational ultrasound and LipoShock sub-dermal vacuum massage. The two systems of Monopolar Radiofrequency and Bipolar Radiofrequency act by increasing the temperature in the dermis thanks to the so called Joule effect. When the tissue is heated above 60-65°C the collagen fibre immediately contracts, generating a lifting effect for face and body. Over the long term new fibres are produced and microcirculation is improved, therefore leading to a filler effect for face and body and to an improvement of the unattractive signs of cellulite. The association of Monopolar Radiofrequency and pulsating Vacuum massage is particularly effective in treating both oedematous and fibro-sclerotic cellulite, as all the above effects are associated with a potent draining action that is given by the sub-dermal massage.
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