IPL system / on casters Siberian® Industra Technologies

IPL system / on casters Siberian® Industra Technologies

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COMFORT FOR PATIENT SAFETY PROCEDURE: Siberian ® is an essential tool to aid in the use of lasers and IPLs. Possessing the highest technology in intensive cooling systems, Siberian ® ensures more safety, comfort and efficiency in their daily practice. COOLING TO -25 ° C: Composed by a high efficiency cooling unit, Siberian® expels a jet of air at very low temperature, providing safety to the treatment. Aggregating all the benefits and indications related to cryotherapy, Siberian provides excellence in temporary analgesia. HIGHER THERAPEUTIC INCOME: The region under the effect of temporary analgesia feels less pain and discomfort during application. Siberian® enables the use of lasers and IPLs in their maximum efficiency, reducing the treatment time and number of sessions. Your patients will be much happier and satisfied with the results! EPIDERMAL PROTECTION: Siberian® prevents the occurrence of thermal burn injuries, ensuring to physicians and patients more safety during treatment. RAPID IMPROVEMENT IN POST: Acting on the inflammatory process, Siberian® reduces the formation of edema and intense erythema. EASY TO USE: Friendly interface and display information. The user programs only the time of application and desired air flow. HANDS-FREE: Siberian® has an integrated articulated arm, ensuring your full independence for the procedures. ECONOMIC: Using the air as the cold conductor, Siberian® has no consumables.
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