Aesthetic medicine radiofrequency generator ETHEREA® Industra Technologies

Aesthetic medicine radiofrequency generator ETHEREA® Industra Technologies

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A SINGLE PLATFORM WITH SEVERAL TREATMENT SOLUTIONS ETHEREA® was developed to bring up to the market the best and most modern technologies in LASER and light-based systems. Relying on 5 different handpieces, ETHEREA® seeks to attend the very need of practitioners and patients worldwide by offering a plethora of treatment indications. hair removal skin rejuvenation fractional skin resurfacing fractional photothermolysis pigmented lesions both deep and superficial vascular lesions acne treatment skin tightening Handpiece IPL-SqHandpiece intenseIRHandpiece 2940 DualModeHandpiece 1340 ProDeepHandpiece 1064 LongPulse SEVERAL SOLUTIONS IN A SINGLE DEVICE: ETHEREA® is ready to be upgraded to incorporate new LASER and light-source handpieces, incorporating the platform device concept, binding versatility and high technology in a single system. TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY: easily programmable. ASSURED PROFITABILITY: besides covering a wide range of cosmetic LASER and light-based indications, new light-sources may be further added in accord to your practice need, increasing your treatments portfolio.
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