IPL system / on casters MIPL Hironic

IPL system / on casters MIPL Hironic

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1. Specialized Treatment System Using Dual Mode Filtering technology, patients expect safe and effective treatment. 2. Convenient Maintenance and Repair Separated body and hand-piece, easy to repair and exchange when there is necessary situation of replacing the parts. 3. Convenient Filter replacement System Simple replacement of filters for wavelenth changes, no necessity for hand-piece changes reduces trouble when replacement procedure frequently cause mechanical problems. 4. Predetermined & Customized programs - Predetermined programs provide the optimal parameters for various skin problems and skin colors. - Precisely operated energy and pulse-time assure the superior results. - Customization of programs is possible for experts. 5. Square Pulse Technology system Due to Square Pulse Technology system, MIPL guarantees stable and duration of energy emission for safe and effective treatment. 6. Fast treatment time MIPL offers fast treatment with no delay with its large spot size. 7. Other conveniences - Optimal parameter programs based on a clinical study - User-friendly 10.4 LCD / touch screen - Optional hand-piece - Noiseless - Contact Cooling - hand-piece - Normal
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