IPL system / on casters LUMINA Lynton

IPL system / on casters LUMINA Lynton

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This clinically proven medical system leads the aesthetic sector in application versatility and revenue capability, with combined Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Laser treatments. LUMINA is unrivalled in its system lifetime and flexibility. Ideal for the treatment of deep and superficial vascular lesions, unwanted hair, superficial and dermal pigmentation, photo-rejuvenation, active acne treatment and multi-coloured tattoo removal. LUMINA has many unique features, including integral printer for treatment record keeping, patient database for instant and accurate records and digital imaging, as well as Interchangeable Light Guide (ILG) technology, all in a platform designed to accept application upgrades. Uniquely, LUMINA can be taken as an IPL only' specification at first and upgraded to add further IPL and laser handpieces as required onto its small single platform, giving a truly lifetime service.
  • Ergonomics:on casters
Hawbank House,
United Kingdom
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