Cryotherapy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley CRYO Lynton

Cryotherapy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley CRYO Lynton

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The ultimate forced air coolers for client comfort and safety. The latest CRYO forced air cooler systems are a great compliment for any Laser or IPL system. The CRYO range of systems provide rapid, controllable and effective skin cooling by delivering a jet of air at -30°C directly to the skin surface. Their smart, compact design lends itself to a clinical environment, and their easy to use programs make them the natural choice for every Laser and Intense Pulsed Light practitioner. As a separate modality, skin cooling can be optimised to client needs before, during and after the treatment, giving the ultimate in skin protection. It is fast and simple, minimising fuss and stress for the client, and as it avoids skin contact, it is both hygienic and reassuring.
  • Type:cryotherapy unit
  • Ergonomics:on trolley
Hawbank House,
United Kingdom
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