Inverter heat pump 14 - 150 kW | SMMSi Toshiba air conditioning

Inverter heat pump 14 - 150 kW | SMMSi Toshiba air conditioning
14 - 150 kW | SMMSi

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VRF Super Modular Multi System i (SMMSi) have two pipes for heating and cooling operation with R410A refrigerant. Incorporating the newest inverter technology in every outdoor model in addition with the pioneering design includes two inverter ambitious compressors in each module. Capacities range as of 14 to 135 kW in cooling mode and 16 to 150 kW in heating mode with a potential to provide up to 48 indoor units. This light weight compact design has a modular structure incorporate from 5 to 48 hp, 14 to 150 kW. With high competence dual DC inverter it has R410A none ozone depleting Refrigerant. Connecting the outdoor units it has an indoor unit capacity between 50 and 135%. This wallet friendly device decreases the consumption of energy with the help of high ERR. For easy accessibility and litheness it has a high lift design. It also provides State-of-the-art communication bus system with automatic configuration addressing, Advanced auto-diagnosis systems, Low noise level, Intelligent control and modulating values, Compatible with a wide range of control systems.
  • Technology:inverter

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