Interphalangeal foot joint arthrodesis plate Ortho Solutions

Interphalangeal foot joint arthrodesis plate Ortho Solutions
Ortho Solutions

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When to use For fixation of the first Metatarsophalangeal joint. The Meta Tarso Phalangeal Plate enables reduction, compression and locking of the 1st Meta Tarso-phalangeal joint for arthrodesis. The symmetric design of the plate allows implantation on either foot and incorporates a valgus angle of 10° The Ortho Solutions Foot Plating System was designed to address a variety of indications in rearfoot, midfoot and forefoot reconstructive surgery. The system achieves an efficient and stable outcome to help minimise intraoperative complications and postoperative morbidity. The Foot Plating System is supplied complete with functional, ergonomically designed instruments, including a corresponding range of trial implants for both 2.7mm and 3.5mm plates.
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