Infusion warmer 41°C - AUTOMER ACE Medical

Infusion warmer 41°C - AUTOMER ACE Medical

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?The AutoMer Blood/Fluid warming system applies advances dry heat technology to obtain just the right fluid temperature for your 00surgical patients. And, the single use cassette reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Now you have the choice and versatility of 00two warming cassette to meet your clinical need. ?Benefit - Provides reliable, low-maintenance dry-heat technology. - Advanced system design offers easy-to-use fluid warming cassette. - Fully compatible with in-line IV hand pumps. - Fluid temperature is automatically regulated. - The warming plate adjusts according to the desired temperature of the fluid. ?Easy to use - Simply slide in the disposable fluid warming cassette and the system is operational. - Compact and portable can be mounted on existing IV poles. - No special training is required. Classification: Class 1, Type B applied part Not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable Anesthetic mixtures with air or nitrous oxid Power: AC 220V, 60Hz Set point temperature: 41? IPX Grade: 0 Alarm: - Hi ( Over temperature at 42? ) Delivery flow rate: Max 30,000ml/hr ( 300mmHg, 14G catheter ) Warm up time: Approximately 1 minute Controller: Platinum resistance thermometer : ±1 digit max Analog input : ±0.5% FS ±1 digit max Weight : 3.0Kg Dimensions: 187W × 62H × 292D mm Conformity: EN60601-1:1990, IEC60601-1-2(EMC.)
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