Electric pressure infusor AUTO PC ACE Medical

Electric pressure infusor AUTO PC ACE Medical

?This fully automatic chamber allows for simple, reliable and fast infusion. ?The pressure level is maintained with a unidirectional valve whenever the chamber is moved. ?Cleaning is facilitated and bacteria propagation is avoided with smooth streamlined surfaces. ?The chamber is available in 250ml, 500ml and 1,000ml versions ; Current pressure is displayed on LCD while operating. Classification: Class 2 Power: AC 220V, 60Hz Pressure Range: From 100mmHg to 300mmHg Pressure Increasing: 5mmHg Alarm: Over Pressure ( Over 20mmHg than Setting Pressure ) Under Pressure ( Under 20mmHg than Setting Pressure ) Weight: 1.5Kg Dimensions: 155W × 80H × 353D mm Case quantity: 1 Infusion pressure device Use Containers: With 250 to 1,000ml solution containers IV Pole mountable
3F., Ace Ville B/D 25-1, Bomoon-dong, 7Ga, Sungbuk-ku,
South Korea
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