Infusion set Silver Med

Infusion set Silver Med
Silver Med

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1. Needle : Ultra sharpness and ultrathin wall ensure painless insertion and minimum traumatization. Textured Wing type needle is available to ensure secure grip during needle manipulation. Safety guard is available to prevent needlestick injury and provide best infection control. 2. Available with leur slip OR rotating leur lock. 3. TUBE: Soft , Kink resistant and made of non toxic hypoallergenic PVC. 4. Injection port for intermittent medication available with : Moulded latex flush ball Latex/Latexfree injection port Latex/latexFree Y-connector injection port 5. Flow control : Specially designed roller clamp for optimal flow control. come with precise flow regulator device for fine adjustment of fluid flow control. 6. Optionally come with integrated light weight clamp efficiently operated with one hand to insure safe and rapid clamping 7. Drip Chambre : Clear and flexible. With or without air vent. With or without fluid filter. 8. Sharp spike for optimum penetration of glass or plastic bottles.
Block 20005, Part 13,,
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