Fistula needle 15 - 30 cm Silver Med

Fistula needle 15 - 30 cm Silver Med
15 - 30 cm

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1- CANNULA : Perfect bevel geometry and ultra sharpness insure minimum traumatization and puncture pain. Ultra thin wall insure painless insertion and superior blood flow. 2- SILICONIZATION TECHNIQUE : We use the best silicon material on earth together with a sophisticated dry siliconization process to insure : Silicon coating on the outer cannula surface which provide optimum lubrication in puncturing and withdrawing. Silicon coating of the cannula lumen prevent the adherent of blood components. Dry siliconization insures no silicon enter circulation. 3 - Adhesive material is tapered towards the needle to help eliminating puncturesite bleeding by simply advance the conical hub so that it blugs the bleeding site. 4 - Our hub is geometrically designed to insure laminar flow which leads tomaximum blood flow and an effective dialysis section. 5- Wings are textured to ensure secure grip during needle manipulation. 6- Soft flexible antikink tube : To insure patient comfortable, shock absorbance and reduce needle movement in patient. 7-Integrated light weight clamp: Efficiently operated with one hand to insure safe and rapid clamping in emergency cases.
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