Breast Biopsy Markers

Breast Biopsy Markers
Tumark® biopsy site markers

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Tumark Professional X, Q, Vision and Flex for ATEC® biopsy site markers are the newest markers in Hologic’s portfolio, available for use in ultrasound and stereotactic modalities. They are made of non-resorbing nitinol that expands into a distinct shape upon deployment. With four shapes to choose from and an ergonomic handle for single-handed operation, these markers make an excellent addition to any practice.

Some facts from the initial data collection study:

- 91% of markers placed did not migrate, as measured on the post-procedure mammogram.1
- In 85% of marker placements, ultrasound visibility was good to excellent upon deployment.2
- In 9 out of 10 cases, the marker deployed accurately to the intended area.1

SecurMark® biopsy site markers
SecurMark biopsy site markers are designed to minimize movement within the biopsy cavity and enhance ultrasound visualization for up to three weeks post-biopsy in case future breast intervention is necessary.3 The marker consists of two pieces: a permanent marker made of biocompatible titanium or stainless steel and a bio-absorbable suture-like netting that surrounds the metal.

There are five distinct shapes to choose from, and these markers work with Hologic Brevera®, Eviva®, ATEC, Celero® and Sertera® biopsy devices covering all modalities.

TriMark® and CeleroMark™ site markers
TriMark and CeleroMark markers are made of biocompatible titanium and available in two shapes. Both markers feature a rigid deployment device and are designed for use with Hologic Brevera, Eviva, ATEC, Celero and Sertera biopsy devices in all modalities.

References: 1. Based on Tumark Data Collection Study, 3 clinicians at 3 hospitals for 90 marker placements, 2017. 2. Based on Tumark Data Collection Study, 3 clinicians at 3 hospitals for 71 marker placements, 2017. 3. Internal testing performed at Hologic and maintained in PLM system.


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