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Contrast Enhanced 2D Imaging

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A contrast mammography examination, commonly referred to as contrast enhanced 2D imaging (CE2D), is advanced imaging that provides additional information beyond a normal mammogram that may improve breast cancer detection. Contrast mammography refers to the imaging of a drug, known as a contrast agent, using mammographic X-ray imaging equipment. A contrast agent is given to patients to enhance the ability to see blood vessels and organs on medical images. These images provide greater detail when necessary to help healthcare professionals diagnose potential problems. The contrast agents used are the same as ones commonly used in standard CT examinations2 (commonly known as CAT scans).

Selenia® Dimensions® I-View software for contrast enhanced 2D (CE2D) imaging1 provides functional imaging information and highly detailed 2D images for enhanced precision in breast cancer detection. With I-View software, the Hologic Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam images may also be combined with CE2D imaging, creating powerful studies with the functional imaging benefits of contrast, along with the proven advantages of the Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam.2

I-View CE2D imaging is a simple upgrade to any Selenia Dimensions system, giving breast imaging practices an efficient pathway to expanded diagnostic capabilities.


Selenia Dimensions I-View Software Option
- Selenia Dimensions I-View Software Option
- Copper Filter
- User Manual
- One year software warranty

- Selenia Dimensions 1.8.3 software or higher
- Diagnostics license

Note: CE2D Imaging can be used with any of the Selenia Dimensions compression paddles, maintaining ease of use for the technology and patient comfort during positioning.

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