Veterinary anesthesia workstation MODEL 51110 A.M. Bickford

Veterinary anesthesia workstation MODEL 51110 A.M. Bickford
MODEL 51110

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The BICKFORD Model 51110 is our most popular machine. A safe, easy to use anesthesia delivery system, it demonstrates outstanding performance design for today's veterinary professional. Design Features: ? Quick release toggle latches for easy to change absorbent (prepack or loose granules). ? Pressure manometer ? Air intake valve ? Pop off valve (see through, easy to clean). ? Horizontal inhalation and exhalation valves to prevent valves from sticking in the open position ? O2 flowmeter 0.2 L to 5 LPM. ? O2 flush ? Compact, very mobile ? Absorber pole allows absorber to adjust up or down and also swings out of the way when not in use. ? Stand provides excellent stability ? Quick & easy switch over from rebreathing to non rebreathing system. ALL STAND MODELS COME TO YOU: COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED - 5 YEAR WARRANTY* WITH 2 LITER BAG WITH 3 LITER BAG PEDIATRIC BREATHING CIRCUIT F/AIR KIT SCAVENGING SYSTEM *Note: 5 yr. warranty does not include rubber goods or plastic tubing. *Bickford Anesthesia Machines are warranted by A.M. Bickford, Inc. to be free from defects in parts or workmanship for a period of five years after delivery when used in normal service. Any Bickford Anesthesia Machine which proves defective in workmanship or parts will be repaired, replaced, or credited at the option of A.M. Bickford, Inc. during the warranty period at no cost provided the unit is returned to A.M. Bickford, Inc. and such defect if verified. A.M. Bickford, Inc. is not responsible for normal wear, damage from abuse, or misuse of the equipment or any obligation beyond repair or replacement of proven defects in the equipment.
  • Patient type:veterinary
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