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Surgical suction machine is used for Suctioning process in the hospitals and nursing home. These are the places where the airway of blood, saliva, vomit or other germs exudation from the surgical processes and there is no place for transmission of these things. Suction machines having rig to prevent the transmission of bacilli from secretions and can be vacuous after the suctioning process has completed.

Suction Machine EcoVac is High Vacuum machine

It has stainless steel top.

The glass Jars are fitted with synthetic rubber lids with over flow safety device.

Vacuum Gauge has 76 mm diameter graduated in mm Hg.

Vacuum is -700 mm Hg ± 10% which is controlled by knob.

Suction Capacity: 35 Ltrs/min.Power : 230V-50 Hz


Note:  These information may vary with other products.

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