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Real-time thermal cycler Daan Diagnostics
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AGS9600 Real-time PCR is used for PCR fluorescence detection in the research field like immunology, human genetic engineering, forensic medicine, oncology, tissue and colony biology, paleobiologym, zoology, botany and in the clinical diagnosis field like virus, tumor and genetic diseases. AGS9600 applies to all reaction that the PCR products can be fluorescence labeled during the products generation process, such as TaqMan, molecular beacons, SYBR Green and MGB, etc. (2)System Principle The wavelength of exciting light is 400-800nm. The light irradiate a sample directly through fiber. After excitation, the fluorescence signal is produced and reach cold state CCD camera through fiber, light filter and lens. This design can meet all the requirement of current types of fluorescence, and when new fluorescence occures, the device just change the software version without changing the hardware. (3) Parameter A. Sample size:96*0.2ml Centrifuge tube B. Excitation Light Wavelength:450-800nm C. Detection Light Wavelength:500-800nm D. Applicable Dyes: F1(FAM,SYBR Green I) F2(VIC,HEX,JOE,TET) F3(ROX,Texas Red) F4(Cy5) F5(Cy5.5, Quasar705) F6-F8(Reserved for customers) E: Sample Linear: Linear Regression Coefficient r?0.98 F: Fluorescence Linear:Linear Regression Coefficient r?0.99 H: Programming:20 program segments can be set. Each program segment can be set up to 20 temperature control program section, and maximum cycle is 99.
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