Radiography test phantom / whole body PIXY Radiology Support Devices

Radiography test phantom / whole body PIXY Radiology Support Devices

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Permit unlimited repetition of most viewspatients cannot be used for this Demonstrate effects of changing technical factors Provide valid feedback to evaluate trainee performance Because the same phantom can be used year after year, performance norms can be derived to guide training procedures Soft-tissue molds and skeleton molds are matched for anatomic fidelity. RSD skeletons meet radiation interaction properties of both cortical bone and spongiosa as standardized by the International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements. many cadaveric human skeletonsespecially when dried out for their preparation. An anatomically and radiologically correct female Small size and low weight simplify positioning Can be positioned for most views Permits evaluation of student performance Organs accept contrast media Opaque or transparent PIXY® was designed specifically for training radiologic technologists. PIXY is 5 ft. 1 in. (156 cm) tall and weighs 105 lbs (48 kg). She is repeatable, virtually indestructible and a convenient substitute for patients.
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