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Patient Dedicated Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer


Frequent measurement of arterial blood samples is an important component in the effective management of patients in the critical care environment, particularly those that are unstable. Point of care or near patient testing has had significant impact on the turnaround time for time critical tests. However, this has come at the expense of adding to the workload of front line care staff, taking them away from the patient at key times and can still involve significant wastage of patient blood.


Proxima is a patient dedicated arterial blood gas analyser which supports rapid and frequent measurement without leaving the patient.


The Proxima system is operated using the dedicated bedside monitor with touch screen interface. Simple, clear routines guide the user through operating the system and patient results are displayed clearly at the patient bedside and can be electronically transferred for permanent record.


The Proxima Sensor is a disposable device attached to the patient’s arterial line without interfering with blood pressure monitoring. When an arterial blood gas analysis is required, blood is withdrawn from the patient into the Proxima Sensor and a panel of analytes is measured to laboratory analyser accuracy. All blood is returned to the patient and results are displayed on the bedside monitor.


Proxima Sensor can be used for monitoring blood gases, electrolytes and glucose over a 72 hour period as many times as required.

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