Pneumatic cuff 1830, 1830NL W.A. Baum

Pneumatic cuff 1830, 1830NL W.A. Baum
1830, 1830NL

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Baum Bariatric Inflation System Bariatric Patients have special needs. Often the upper arm of a bariatric patient is conical or V-shaped. This inhibits the smooth application of a standard (rectangular) blood pressure cuff because they do not conform to the conical shape of the limb. A gap at the bottom of the cuff near the elbow is a common occurrence and is a clear indication of a misapplied cuff. The Baum Bariatric Inflation System is curved, easy to apply and conforms naturally to a conical limb. The result is correct application of the cuff and even compression of the artery. Comfortable: Cuffs conform to the shape of the limb and have no hard, stiff edges. Durable: Baum cuffs are made of tightly woven, heat set, Dacron® polyester fabric that is double stitched at critical points for long wear. Hook and loop fasteners are evenly matched in holding strength to provide the optimal number of open-close cycles. Each cuff is treated with an effective anti-microbial agent. Non-Latex: Available for those who are hypersensitive to natural rubber latex. Guaranteed: Latex and Non-Latex inflation bags, bulbs and tubing are guaranteed for five years. The Baum Bariatric Inflation System: Includes a custom-made, curved Dacron® Polyester Cuff Natural rubber Latex or Non-Latex Inflation Bag Large size Latex or Non-Latex Bulb Baum Air-Flo® Control Valve