ORTHO BioVue ®

ORTHO BioVue ®

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The system is easy to use and delivers incredibly fast, accurate, and standardized results with minimal centrifugation time of five minutes.


Beyond Results. Confidence.

Leverage the comprehensive power of Ortho’s trusted testing menu.

We have developed a comprehensive, flexible testing menu – including antigen profile testing – that helps you achieve maximum efficiency and standardization while minimizing the potential for error.




Delivering Complete, Flexible Solutions

This wide-ranging menu includes a combination of manual reagents and automated reagents, allowing you to meet all your testing needs with one partner. So you can be confident that the immunohematology portfolio you use every day– across automation, column agglutination technology (CAT) or traditional tube testing – is available, effective and reactive.




Traditional Reagents

We offer a full line of traditional reagents designed for use with tube-based testing. Monoclonal antisera and antihuman globulin were pioneered by Ortho nearly 20 years ago with the proven BioClone® System of monoclonal antibodies. These reagents provide improved potency, reliability, economy and safety over polyclonal reagents.


Reagent Red Blood Cells

As the largest manufacturer of reagent red blood cells in the world, Ortho can offer labs a full line of reagent red blood cells that are accurate, flexible, effective and reactive. Our reagent red blood cells can be used across manual, semimanual and automated testing systems.


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