Inhalation chamber AeroTrach Plus* Trudell Medical International

Inhalation chamber AeroTrach Plus* Trudell Medical International
AeroTrach Plus*

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The AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber (aVHC) can be easily used right out-of-package without pre-treatment. The product reduces static charge in turn maximizing the suspension time of particles in chamber for providing regular medication delivery to the tracheostomy patients. The AeroTrach Plus* aVHC is built in a way to connect to 15mm adapters quickly. The Comfort Right Fit* Adapter assures a firm connection for improved aerosol delivery, without having excessive torque while connecting or disconnecting the device. The Gold Standard for Aerosol DeliveryTrudell is maintained by the Medical International which is well known for its development of new technology and its extensive research for the aerosol delivery. The tradition of advancements is continued with the AeroTrach Plus* aVHC which provides remarkable improvement in asthma relief for tracheostomy patients. Cost-effective and simple system is delivered to patients, using the AeroTrach Plus* aVHC for providing aerosol medication within hospital environment.