ECG patient monitor / infant / emergency / wireless mini-MEDIC® Athena GTX

ECG patient monitor / infant / emergency / wireless mini-MEDIC® Athena GTX

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We believe that wireless technology enables reliable monitoring of many patients at the point of injury and allows information to reach healthcare personnel faster. Medical monitoring devices should be mobile, affordable, intuitive and work with today's wireless technologies. We believe that obtaining patient vital signs earlier can lead to better outcomes. Our wireless monitors are placed on the patient out at the point of injury and provide a seamless acquisition and transmission of information throughout transport and treatment. Multiple patients sync simultaneously to a mobile computer and alert the user to changing patient vital signs trends. The mini-Medic® system consists of a wristwatch display and up to ten vital signs monitors. It is a small, rugged monitor that can be easily carried and transported by medics into remote locations. The monitor is applied to a patient’s forehead and three ECG leads are attached to the jugular venous area. The device is capable of obtaining and wirelessly transmitting Heart Rate (HR), SpO2, Pulse Rate (PR), Skin Temperature, and Pulse Wave Transit Time (PWTT) to the wristwatch display and/or compatible mobile computers running device software. The mini-Medic® forehead monitor also obtains and provides a patient status summary alarm (Murphy Factor) with a numeric value from 0-5. This algorithm informs medics of the overall condition or change in state of the patient based on both measured and manually entered patient vital signs.
  • Measured parameters:ECG
  • Applications:infant
  • Other characteristic:wireless