Cranial perforator Acra Cut Disposable ACRA-CUT

Cranial perforator Acra Cut Disposable ACRA-CUT
Acra Cut Disposable

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Acra Cut has innovations include perforators for use in thin skull areas, in areas of uneven bone, pediatric perforators, and a wide range of perforator sizes for every surgical application. Acra Cut is the only company in the world specializing in the development and manufacture of automatic releasing cranial perforators. It can be stopped and started whenever surgeon requires. It will not stop drilling before the burr hole is completed. Sharp edges cut fast and smoothly so limited hand pressure is required. Rigorous quality standards, including pre test drilling seven holes with every disposable perforator, make Acra Cut perforators the safest in the world. Inner drill moves forward limited than 1mm to naturally release. Protection and most dependable ever developed, eliminates the risk of dangerous penetration. The unique assistance of the these perforators are Acra Cut's patented cammed lug release mechanism. Non-skid tip prevents the perforator from sliding on the skull during start-up.
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