Abdominal hernia prosthesis / inguinal Omyra® Mesh Aesculap - a B. Braun company

Abdominal hernia prosthesis / inguinal Omyra® Mesh Aesculap - a B. Braun company
Omyra® Mesh

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Prevention means comfort reducing adhesions, impairing bacterial growth Description Omyra® Mesh brings a new concept for hernia repair within the antiadhesive mesh group. It is a film of condensed polytetrafluoroethylene (cPTFE) with very low density (0.9 g/cm3) and a macroporous star-shaped structure (2.4 mm). Omyra® Mesh is the first mesh in a monolayer, non-coated format which has antiadhesive and bacterial resistant properties. The cPTFE material improves the adhesion prevention features of the traditional expanded PTFE, whereas the star-macroporous structures enhance a fast tissue integration like the one achieved with polypropylene meshes. Furthermore, the transparent monolayer that Omyra® Mesh provides, offers excellent handling, especially in laparoscopic procedures. Advantages - Highly biocompatible with star pore structures - Macropores to allow an excellent tissue integration - Fast neo-peritoneum formation covering the mesh - Impairment of bacterial growth - Reduction of adhesion formation - Condensed PTFE - Transparent and tailorable ensuring an optimal handling Indication - IPOM: Intraperitoneal onlay mesh hernia repair (open and laparoscopic) for incisional or inguinal hernia - Inguinal hernia for patients who are allergic to polypropylene - Abdominal wall reconstruction and substitution - Compartment syndrome disease - Chest wall reconstruction
  • Hernia type:abdominal, inguinal
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