HPLC chromatography detector / UV-visible 157, 159 Gilson

HPLC chromatography detector / UV-visible 157, 159 Gilson
157, 159

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Capable of accommodating 4.6 to 50 mm ID columns, the 157 and 159 variable wavelength UV-VIS detectors detect compounds at one or four wavelength simultaneously with an easy interchanging flow cell design. Gilson offers two UV-VIS Detectors capable of analytical to pilot scale applications that range from small molecule to large molecule drug discovery, protein purification, and everything in between. Adjustable path flow cells Allow users to serve a wider range of samples without changing hardware Up to four wavelengths (159 UV-VIS Detector) Provide the user the ability to monitor for compounds of interest and impurities at full sensitivity, and then monitor additional wavelengths where compounds of interest absorb less, while keeping high concentration on-scale for easy visualization, but without sacrificing overall sensitivity
  • Technology:UV-visible
  • Type:HPLC
3000 Parmenter St,
United States
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