Mechanical pipettor 1 - 100 mL | MACROMAN™ Gilson

Mechanical pipettor 1 - 100 mL | MACROMAN™ Gilson
1 - 100 mL | MACROMAN™

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MACROMAN is a robust and reliable pipette controller for glass and plastic pipettes from 1 to 100 mL. It is designed to be easily operated and integrated into any modern laboratory requiring a high level of safety, ergonomics, and productivity. Your Benefits Optimal Comfort & Ease of Use Easy-to-handle with the integrated and adjustable stand. Fatigue-free due to its light weight and soft-touch material. High Performance Precise and smooth speed control with motorized dosing button. Large Pipette Compatibility Fully compatible with glass and plastic Pasteur pipettes. Economical Solution Save money by using standard DIAMOND® D5000 and D10 mL tips for transferring smaller volumes.
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